Important Note : Scroll Down And Read Terms and Conditions Carefully

Terms Conditions: Read Carefully

Standard Rules of the Events

1. The participant shall register themselves latest by January 25th 2014.
2. All the participants shall be required to carry their college ID Cards which they will be required to present at the registration desk.
3. All participants must report at the venue at least one hour prior
4. The decision of judges will be final & binding on all contestants.
5. At all point’s changes/modifications/exemptions can be made at the sole discretion of the respective Event Judges in the interest of the participants.
6. Audition will be the final performance of the participants.
7. College ID’s should be at the best of condition.

Social Activity
1. Represent our colleges in state Level or national level or any competition through any sports,
Quiz and any other activity.
2. Social camping events done through college in rural area or urban area
3. Activities conducted by G.S in your college like workshop, camps etc.
4. The events conducted by college in the academy of every year.

Mr. and Miss Thane

1. There will be 3 rounds for the contestant
A) Introduction
B) Own talent
C) Question and answer
2. Bio Data should be submitted by the candidate (himself/herself only) with photo
3. Talent Presentation will be limited to 3 To 5 minute only.
Rock Band/fusion band
1. Submit the video CD of the band where you have performed earlier.
2. Team will be informed about the date and time of the submitting the CD of the performance.
3. The Performance should be in Hindi, Marathi or English, No other languages songs should be used in the Performance.

Solo & Group Dance

1. The participants are strictly advised not to disclose the name of their college to the Jury Member & audience while introducing them on the stage.
2. The Participating Team will only be allowed to perform 3 to 4 minute. Team shall be awarded Negative Marks for exceeding the given Time Limit.
3. Team shall be responsible for arrangement of CDs, Costumes & Props.
4. One Team Comprising of minimum 8 & maximum 16 participants shall only be allowed.
5. The organizing committee reserves the right to change the Venue, Time and Rules.
6. The decision of Judges will be Final & Binding.
7. The name of the college should not be displayed on the dresses in any form.

Skit for Play

1. Skit should be in Hindi, Marathi or English language only.
2. One Team comprising of minimum 4 & maximum 10 participants shall be allowed.
3. There will be there topics for the skit
A) Education B) View on politics C) Female Feticide
4. Script should be of there one
5. Time limit for each skit will be 5 to 10 min.
6 Acting
A. Presentation & Technical Values
b. Script
c. Total Equipment


1. The participants shall be required to sing a song of their own choice for 2 to 4 minute in the first round.
2. No external instrument support will be allowed in the competition.


A) 5 to 6 tracks and the console will be given by us.
B) You can get yours 900